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Related article: Date : Sun, April 24, 2011 October 08th 0100 52 From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 73 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imation page and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n Lolita Nymphets Nude is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file format so that if theting or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** u003e u003e u003e u003e DO NOTE - strange week vacation by car means that some messages days late, but once in there is certainly more to this story Nawty school to come! do not forget, or otherwise offensive comments and suggestions welcome Please email Lolita Nymphets Nude me *********** ****** ********************************* *********** ******************************* ****** Chapter 73 - Tizer No rescue ", an idea, WOTOh, fucking hell, WOT great! ams that ? " Art is looking anxiously out the window when the bus began to slow the corner from the bus stop not far away. It was always the idea, he You have time to put it in safe practice and a grace period of maternal anger. "Ian fast, we cursed" WOT is telling me ? " " is so fucking easy! " Ian smiled and the amazing art undo his pants. "We swops fucking pants! I mothers did not return until five o'clock, I can 'em wash for you. We can do it! Fuckin ' get ' em off " " Oh shit, I do! " Art begins immediately called shoes and almost tears open his pants. " One of the conditions," he paused and smiled at Ian, " we will replace the pants like that! " N "I will replace every fucking thing! " Art laughed. "You're a dirty bastard, knows! " blush, peeled Ian both pants and panties down fast X Wolsey in a movement. Moments later, the art did the same and offered to change his urine mounted clothes, as predicted, both boys had erections large over again. Ian wonders out of the wArms daubed for delicious sticky underwear art began to catch Simon. Crashing into the pocket empty seats, while struggling to pull his pants, while push their feet into their shoes, which make rapid progress on the bus. ".. the art," said Ian shortly before his disappearance to the point of view, stairs. For a fraction of a second kind of went back to see Ian with a smile n his hand moved within the letter and the pants around his knees. "I'm going to... on 'em, are you okay ? " " Do you dare ! " Hit with its heart in the emotion disappeared down the stairs to see the Blazers back of Simon, who already in the platform. " Simon," cried the kind of rounding the curve of the stairs, " to keep the bus I'll be there. " "How I can avoid the damn bus ? " Simon murmured same, only now start back up to normal. is the fastest change of clothes in a record had been. With the bus pull in the type of pavement came Lolita Nymphets Nude only tthe platform to jump in time, that was probably just as well have been his appearance would be little control! The discovery that Ian was certainly at least a size of means agile, clearly felt that art and sewn into the pants , however, had failed to properly fix. Simon, on the other side was not able to set their shorts, because the lock was broken on the bus earlier. This fact was brought home to him when he jumps with a bus on the sidewalk, only to suddenly realize that your pants is controlled by gravity and slide down slowly. Leave the pocket falls to the ground, he managed to keep no more ashamed of what he was and just catch them and put them back up. But no, before a flash of her wet underwear had offered to passengers confused on the bus! " Fuck! " He said angrily to the art. "Why ` d ' need ' em ruin? " " ` Maybe because I think at the time we both enjoy. " Smile Mode sweet. "YouI can not say no fucking enjoy it, right? " " Did not meself when wet. " Muttered Simon stared back angrily. " You Bet as wet pants now, though. Is it " " branch " Little by little he began to smile. " Do you want the pants to show Ian when we get home ? You have spots, and that in them ? " " I do not know WOT think you're a dirty little man, "said Art," Why are you of points you in ? " " Maybe. They are a little wet, but still could put in " the meantime, Ian out now on the bus to the upper deck in front of him. Again Dress had discovered how easy it is a pair of pants at school masturbate the size of a very large, even if they were satisfied with just pee! to say that was literally tingling with excitement only to the use of Arts panties under them was so gross a kind of euphemism. reveling on the train back up your crack and then cock your s the balls in the fields of art guaranteed smash would not be long until he ejaculates , for the first time it was! A minute later, a hand slid under the front and rubber tired to pick up the rich, slippery mess that would act as a lubricant. In the excitement that is not true I have long to shoot his first load, so that with its combination of heat Seed with art, is mentally masturbate scheduled for the second time that n \\ \\ a house. In general, however, was the burning question of whether only wash wear pants and mandates for the night or wash n both. Decisions, decisions. As always straight, the eyes of a few tight gray pants to school one pair of pert little buttocks Nigel held view. N close after Martin up the added benefit of a detailed description of the structure had his underwear, went to the hem of the shirt is very visible Nigel voyeurs trained eye. As soon as he reached the landing, Martin accidentally brushed Nigel was delivered to the door of his point on the left. " The bathroom is on the left to waor sh... o something. " " Well, I could do with a leak, but, " Nigel said " not worth a try, it seems wash anything unless will're Tizer spraying blood on me later ? " " Uumm.. no.. HHMM.. ` Do not spose. "Martin replied rather hesitant. Willing to make a pass to Nigel, came convinced his heart was so hard that must be overcome audible. had a turning point. Nigel swallowed saliva, even with his cheeky sexuality, it became increasingly difficult, so close and keep your hands off n young children. A step towards the bathroom, suddenly spread his hand. " Come, I will continue, while Willy piss.. " " Fuckin ' Wot! How? "It sounded Martin quite surprised, but pleased that Nigel had finally propositions. Reached out and looked more like shy when Nigel took it and went ahead of him. " WOT I d 'say, how? That silly boy, "said Nigel, n before going to the bathroom white and lifting the seat", which is standing behind me and put yer arms around me to unpack and do only in the range, is Willy! " " If it is right, is so great ! "Said Martin moves back and look at the hair on your neck. " We only have half an hour at most. " " I know that, ' because I have to go home so hurry only to fuck. " Nigel came again between them and included in the hardening Martins pants. " How long is a straw anyway, " " some two seconds seconds, what I feel now ! "Martin was in the arms and around the waist. " Hey, do you expect, do something for me ? "Nigel Martin became the arms in the face and put his hands on his shoulders, gave to contact with eyes. " Switch to be a bloody great if you can... Is not it ? " " WOT? It hurts? " He smiled Martin. Even before he knew what had been a consented. Surely it could not be that much that do everything possible to turn either to themselves or Nigel after he has been experiencing with caution one with all sorts of things the assdegrees around his cock! " Do you remember in elementary school, we have to wear a vest and pants all.. " " Oh, yes. " Martin nodded vigorously, apparently, Nigel had played a nerve. "I n.. still some of my pants are a little small, but maybe a vest because it has I even wore 'em, as in the first year. " " Well, I mean, I " wait here," Nigel winked and touched his trousers, " be quick, I pull my coat and wait. "Flew Martin bathroom and positively to the sounds drawers open and close a little encouragement from a couple of new minute later. " I fuck ! "Nigel breath. Looking even more like a dream that Nigel had ever dared walk Martin front of him with a gray socks, white vest and blue -Y fronts. Of \\ \\ n white cotton vest with ribs, it was obvious that his mother s to be used the front right and sets purchased from the ubiquitous Lyle and Scott, suppliers of of white underwear, most of English school children. " I have to wear blue pants that were in the, the causeI can not go in the other. " Martin said apologetically at the beginning of the shirt in cosmetic surgery elastic waist. Looking Lolita Nymphets Nude upward Lolita Nymphets Nude caught the attention of Nigel. " In other words, we have of doing things, does no? Do you remember urine stains on the front of our West , where ' em hidden inside! " " Oh shit, yeah! "Nigel was ecstatic. " In the past I find 'em, if return for the games and everyone had left ! " " you know well? I have! " Martin smiled. " Look, I even gave me the socks on for you. " The thin white legs finished in gray wool socks. Nigel just sighed. There s no doubt that will happen is dressed with Martin as the first day of the year could boy n with the added advantage of fourth year of the rooster Martin and Nigel also had semen in the class, so that the n before your underwear were still strong with wet patches of newly decorated seeds. While the white vest showing her pale arms, it was okay to little tight and does not correspond with the bright blue of his writings. Anyway, it certainly good enough to wake up and the kids really like to underline the fact that , was present in any case, Martin bounced around seductive, head its construction threatens to escape his underwear. "Behind me then. " Said Nigel. "Can yer hands on me, bags, if want, and then unzip me and hold me fly dick while I pee.... So," before the end, Martin was already written tent Nigel in the ass and feel the way into the pockets. "No time to lose! " " Damn it, Nigeria is all wet.. oh fucking hell yer pockets ! Is cum innit ? " Said Martin surprised. Removing his hand was rubbed the fingers together and smelled clean before deciding to lick. " Forget yer fingers," said Nigel starts with enthusiasm, its own inverse pants n, " I can not wait any bitch, or I'll get my dick cum ! Please! " N "You 're still joking? " said Martin with his hands between Nigel legs. " I doubt it, I want to stop! " " Come to my room to be. You and Ihang and support. " - laws, both wet underpants, laughing in its wake broken. Nigel before dropping his pants to her ankles as he limped with Martin wearing a shirt and shorts address your back through Tighten the waist and sometimes the feeling between the legs. " You have a couple of them Airfix model planes. " Nigel said look, if that eventually went into the bedroom. The room was very neat, in contrast with his own s with models on a shelf. " I have some of them. " " There's a guy in England who do not have something there? The bloody things ! But WOT d ' with them if you did ' em! " Answered Martin laugh. " Pity we did not make some beautiful child Kits Airfix second years, know what I stick with 'em! " " So, " I saw Nigel, apparently Martin was trying to say something about their sexuality", I mean really, how young? " ' s Good girls do not do anything for me, so I spose I could... " "Martin blushesand stopped. "Being gay.... " "Girls do not do anything for me or the minute, but I would not mind n, with a feeling in your Nickers " Nigel smiled. N " Do you think they masturbate? wonder how! " "I know, I never thought about it. " Martin said more worried out even when the content of some girls Nickers. " Do not bother me then? " "No, why ? I do not care if you're gay or woteva is, yer still my companion and will not do anything to make a difference? " This was the Nigel strong that Martin did not know the wreck on the bus n before. "Mart, you may be weird, do not know. I like children : but now I do not know ? Is all I know, I want your cock in my ass for days " " you Wot ? Are you serious? "Martin was more than flattered. "Not only that, to s? " " Fuckin ' do right now to work ! " " Where? " Martin looked around. "He WoT bed? " " Well, where else you silly sod ! Now says the beds," he said smiling as Nigel ov movesfaced the bed to the wall. The blanket of the bed of cream is set to top and carefully flip a white sheet "so that when no every night and morning? " " Yer, right? " Martin looked uncomfortable. " course. However, my bed is a damn right it is not mine ! So WOT d ', use catch them then? " Nigel turned to him smiling. " I can take a look you know.. " " No, I do not know, but the answer is yes! And the other answer is full a along the wall!" Martin smirked immediately guessed exactly what Nigel wanted. pants crumpled on the floor bent and stretched Nigel dirty panties white on his buttocks hanging ballsac groups n seductively between your legs. "does not care if it takes place, we do not run Outta Time we have? " Martin jokingly suggested cotton cover behind Nigel. "No, you want woteva, but.. " Nigel turned, "unless to follow dress like us, as we do not! " ".. If so HHMM,cum again would you mind if I was in yer pants ? " Martin said. " Absolutely not, it makes no difference in the future it will. "Nigel smiled again. " And n if something happened to go to yer HHMM JimJam would that matter ? " " Not at all. found " " Now you better start checking the figure below for semen stains ! " return the blanket does not look as exciting as Nigel look inside other boys underwear in the locker room, he began to have the starting point of the first sheet of the examination telling sign of the night abuse. Nigel Martin returned to look back and fondly stroked the fabric white stretched over the back of Nelson. a few minutes in silence, posing as the boy stroked together between each their own missions. Nigel was very happy with Martin met bright blue pajama pants and white striped mainly in the region of the fly was very hard, dry seeds begun to change from white yellow seeds. However, the only possible action walicking s in the free hand reached to his drooling cock through the restriction n wet underwear. the same enthusiasm and Martin had already removed his cock from the side his pants, pulled the foreskin back and began rubbing the leaking cracks to against Nigel tight white cotton back. His hands had been traveling n and the elastic slack near n to be objective and lubricated finger into the seminal fluid found its way only own in breathing Nigel buttocks squeezed and trapped Martin \\ \\ n hand with the fingers move so curious that it. Around him other hand grabbed Martin and took him to the before him in his underwear drawer. Once the sample is not necessary to Martin wrapped his Lolita Nymphets Nude fingers around Lolita Nymphets Nude the wave to start sliding Nigel masturbation, on the other hand, Nigel Martin had just cum cloth, which was accessed padding between bed and the wall. Strong smell of the morning tankNigel cum found herself with a pair of Y fronts dirty absolutely covered in dried semen stains. A look inside was caught by , to discover one of several drag points with some real brands, which are expected soon that the reports have proved being used cumrag promote overnight. " What does that have on yer Skidmarks cumrag then?" Excited and asked Nigel any attempt to leave no stone unturned in the search for intimate details of sexual life Martin! ".. umm.. I Uumm " hope yet wonderfully awkward viscous Content underwear Nigel Martin could not be level seen. "I started using.. HHMM 'em the day I came home and my mother had I bought the new blue. " " So they had put ' em out during the day and then only the chaff 'em night after night? "said Nigel tries excited, the scene in figure the head. " I ' spose.. " Murmured Martin" and. " " and WOT? "Nigel was quick to ask. " Well, sometimes.. "SeaTin stopped and thought for a second. It s concluded it could admit all habits, if anything, was more excitedly tells his innermost secrets. " Well, I sometimes come and masturbates in ' em, with my toys. Then sleep in them ! " "Toy ? " N Nigel was confused, this was the first time he heard of a toy. " Oh, dass " Martin saw Nigel did not know, and it seemed that art is not he said. "There is a small, wooden, which I give bum ! " " Ah," said Nigel knowingly display your own jump rope handle, "type n and I know everything about them , we have something too. " " I can do a day? " " WOT, show me how you and I 'll show you mine! "said Nigel de a laugh. " You can try all you want ! " " Yes I will. " Martin laughed too and wiggled his fingers. "and cum in yer pants, I know, but I'm using 'em next to the school not yet seem to have left many couples! " "Damn! It is they were not seen as changing the gym then obyer and Mom? " " not yet! Innit is part of the fun, do something, should not he ? " " Like this WOT? " He nodded Nigel and carefully placed the glass to fly dirty underwear Martin a lips. Push buttocks Sea again forced Martin to crack leaking tap in n the cotton her. "Mart, which can not contain. "Nigel back again. " You have n to me now as I suck at this! " s there was no need to ask twice. Martin had decided not to start when n immediately, to a climax, he n end with involuntary ejaculation. Slowly drew his finger cleared a the back of Nigel 's writings before the federal government winked down. After Nigel is partially dilated sphincter inspired his erection n to get rid of some of their writings, he carefully leaned run. " expect. "Was the only warning hoarsely whispered in his ear Nigel before going forward. " Aaaawwhhh... fuucckkkk " Nigel little difficult to bite orf encrusted dirty cum - Y fronts. so that Martin pain and art were so afraid ? Now I knew why! In contrast to species that had pushed their way slowly, Martin had taken only all his 15 years of age in the cock as fast and as hard as he could. Taken by surprise at the strength he had been the youngest child, in fact Nigel it feels as if the ass had broken. He closed his eyes, clenched his fists in the burning pain that had suddenly engulfed n, against everything that under his belt, but there was no choice but to endure as it. Martin, continued on a high sexual, as it had begun to vigorously getting in and out of his hands dug into Nigel 's leg to pull it every time hand. Magic after a few seconds, Nigel began to realize that the pain progressive relaxation and much more fun together replaced sensation. Martin was constantly filled his place and then pull, is a privilege to deal with his sphincter to keep pace withLength Martin slippery cock. to masturbate with her own underwear soaked Nigel was sucking hard in dirty underwear enjoyed the taste of last night, Martin s to masturbate before going to bed. For his part, Martin was incredibly well done go as long as he did not ejaculate, and I knew I could not have all more. With a final cut of turbulence and a groan almost crushed balls of their own s when forced to pull last Nigel Nigel detail by scratching the thigh with such force that she would stay with bruises began to shake violently shaking small body Martin y. while His cock had to comply with the second heat load in the afternoon until the wee hours of of hunger by Nigel was about to cum again in her n panties already saturated. If it is powerless Martin was not sure. The only thing he was sure that his heart was beating like a steam hammer, his eyes slowly opened, n and began to move. With shaky legs chickenmanaged to get up and then looked to see that Nigel had collapsed in bed and even breathing heavily, as affected by the Lolita Nymphets Nude powerful climax. informally, Nigel writings is the folding hard cum glistened in the sun now hung low enough to expose her ass, red from the blows him recently and is still a little expanded. Martin looked at him, attracted by the vision of the sperm filled dots Dark coming out of the dark hole somewhere to slip in shadows between the legs of Nigel. Having trouble on the assumption that all his sperm, then Martin saw his own tail, had passed entirely was removed in sperm stained underwear. Pulling the elastic waist , appeared in the now weak and barely two inches long, bent tighten only surprised when another large portion of sperm dripped be Since the end of his foreskin irregular to add the clutter in your panties. With thumb and forefinger, pulled back the foreskin to show s of the purple head andthe brown, cum that had collected over, anal adventure. " Fuck me, going from WOT? " Nigel looked up, blinked and looked instead asleep again in the real world. "I have only" chuckled Martin, "and I have to prove shit to me it 's cock !" N "You Wot ?" Said Nigel makes a feeble attempt to get out of bed and always n back to fall. "Shit, what have you done for my ass! " N " I think I'm fucking cleaned for you! Come and until it does. " It took Martin his arm and pulled him up enough Lolita Nymphets Nude shaky standing beside the bed. The fingerprints of red around the thighs Nigel were, as Martin himself has all a testament to the level of passion before. Surprisingly, Nigel was sporting what looked like a pretty solid erection is proud of his hapless Johns, the heavy interrupted only semen to of the knee. Now standing, dripping from the remains of the dismissal of Martin his hole slide down between her legs, to rejoin his previous ejaculation to on the bus. In thisMartin point even felt a little pinch, put a hand on the front underwear viscous and cradled his cock. Nigel 's vision partially are removed and looked very sloppy it was something. "Damn, I was then! " Said Nigel Martin and read the statement of hand in his pants. " You will not do it again? " " No, just keep it simple!" Martin smiled back, but could not resist a Nigel looking down tail. Nigel was then turned with the intention of collecting panties that had been sucking before. " Oh... oh shit!" He turned and saw Martin " WOT is it? " Martin took over. " Uumm.. sorry mate, but it is innit yer bed Oh, shit, sorry. " " WOT is that? " Martin looked at his bed. "Oh, shit ! " somewhere in Lolita Nymphets Nude the middle of the white sheets now very wet patch where Nigel had been lying on the edge of the bed was more than a minute before. So wet, in fact, that was floral pattern in the qui mat nowtranslucent cotton you visible. "Fuckin 'hell ! " Martin turned and looked to Nelson, who was obviously embarrassment to his campaign. " Uumm... sorry. " "It makes me a good half dozen of pulls so much! " Martin was smile. " I'll make sure I make a bed or mother to see! " "Are you sure. I'm sorry, oh shit. It is not my day today? " " All we have to day. "n " I know, but for them one after another minute. "looked in bed. "I feel yer bed. " " Nige, do not worry everything is fine. Maybe tomorrow I'll find you have a accident with a glass of water or something, and to change the tide. " winked. "It's not the first time I did it ! " " Oh shit, that's too simple, and I've never thought of that !" It was Nigel able to smile. " Hey, I'm serious," Martin saw again, " tell me if this is wot happened to me in bed, having masturbated more than once, then WOT the hell does ? seems to mean get away with it ? "Ask Martin seemed a little too close, it was his again to touch a nerve? Nigel does not respond immediately. 'Go with him? " He said to us unusual move. "It's not good. I mothers with a go at me for this kind of thing all the time, damn difficult. You know who masturbates a lot.. " shit " Oh. Sorry, I did not mean to pry. "Martin was not sure what else to say , and certainly do not want to wind back to Nigel. "There is nothing wrong," he paused, "I'm used to it and that is why you can not go home seemed a cumrag innit ? " " No, spose.. me no good. " seemed like a good reason to to him, smiled. "Come on, pull yer pants and spray with you, Tizer things. " " Do you really think it will work ? " Nigel asked, trying to pull the writings wet , which have begun to keep his legs had. "I have no idea, we have to choose ? " Martin looked at his watch. " We have to do Lolita Nymphets Nude s now " time creeps into the cause and will take less than 20 minutes to come home. " " Fuck if I stay, I could do in ten, I spose. "Nigel pushed priapism in the waistband of his pants and pulled out his pants. " Tizer not try to get me the shirt, because he never washed are fucking crazy! " " Nige, you see this, I can get another hard drive ! " Smiled Martin ". Let's go to the garden, and you spray. " " You dirty bastard ! "Nigel was rubbing his own bulge. " I say, , if not for him to come home, I could get right back Now! "N " I know. Do you think I do not want too much? "Martin took a deep breath. " No time for me to start over! I'll try to have straw another when you're gone ! Now you can only get in the garden with blood, Tizer follow me to the right! "Following ############################### Chapter 74 to
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